Below the Line MKT

Strataion is a brand of G.Lords, supporting SMEs and Entrepreneurs with materials covering Corporate and Retail communication needs, as well as with the digital tools that will help them expand and focus on what they are doing well. Their work!

Strataion is covering the communication needs and is able to integrate digital sales and management tools in any stage of the business development, from the StartUp phase to the Repositioning of an existing Enterprise. (in Greek)

STRATAION Marketing and Management

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  • The Begining

    We collaborated with multinational agencies, as their own clients, their strengths and weaknesess, and we realized, sometimes the hard way, their pricing policies. Then we worked for the demanding FMCG sector, at a Group Buying SA and learned their real needs.

  • Our Mission

    Having in mind the real needs of SMEs, as well as the advantages of the structure of big marketing agencies, we established Strataion and its procedures in such way to cut down unnecessary costs and create a competitive advantage. We are Quick.
  • Our Vision

    To Bridge the gap between the quality of services paid and received by the “big players” of each market and that of smaller ones. Through the use of synergies, mass customization, internal processes and professional responsibility
  • The Result

    The result is Strataion. A separate business unit, part of G.Lords Ltd., able to offer high quality services at a value pricing, through its flexible organization and the utilization of outsourcing of professionals with expertise and high business ethics, under a single management.


Our Products & Services Mix


Design & Production

  • Logo, Business Cards & Envelopes & Letter-Sheets
  • Company Folders
  • Product Catalogues
  • Notebooks
  • Presentational Web Sites
  • Flags & Roll-Ups
  • Occupational Clothing


Design & Production

  • Leaflets
  • Banners & Roll Ups
  • Window & Floor Stickers
  • E-Shops (Vertical Integration | Design, Delivery, Hosting, Maintenance)
  • Product Presentation Landing Pages
  • Flags

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Design & Delivery

  • Power Banks
  • Flash USBs (with or without content)
  • Hats & Clothing
  • Cell phone & Tablet Covers
  • Pens, Pencils, Lighters